The Best Cordless Framing Nail Gun Review

It was a difficult transition for me personally, that is, making the switch from the old school air compressor to the new cordless nailers. I think I was waiting for the battery technology to catch up, well, I believe it has.  The power capacity of these cordless power tools allows framers to discard, for the most part, the hammer and the overall effort it takes to complete the job.  No more wasted arms and worn out shoulders, and with the cordless, no more dragging cumbersome hoses around with you. These tools simply allow you to move about the work site in a much safer and more efficient manner. 

With a simple press of the nail gun’s tip against the wood surface and a pull of the trigger, you have successfully secured two pieces of wood together. That’s it. Shoulder replacement surgery will now be quickly on the decline!

It is the goal of this LetsFixItUp article to help you select the right cordless framing nailer for your particular need. Hopefully we can help you understand the differing aspects of the tool that you should consider prior to your purchase. The cordless framing nailers are becoming more and more available, and with a little bit more time, will replace the air-powered tools altogether.

Let’s get started, and with some luck, perhaps we have made it easier for you to find the right cordless framing nailer that fits your needs best. This article / review display’s the very best  cordless framing nailers available on the market today. And what might be the best of all, you can have it shipped right to your front door.

#1 The Milwaukee Battery Powered Framing Nailer 2745-20

M18 FUEL 30 Degree Framing Nailer



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#2  BOSTITCH 20V MAX Cordless Framing Nailer (BCF30P1)




#3 The DEWALT 20V MAX Framing Nailer Kit, 30-Degree, Paper Collated (DCN692M1)


#4 Paslode, Cordless XP Framing Nailer, 905600, Battery and Fuel Cell Powered



#5 Ryobi ZRP854 18V Cordless 18Ga. 2 in. Brad Nailer Kit



Ryobi P325 One+ 18V Lithium Ion Battery Powered Cordless 16 Gauge Finish Nailer (Battery Not Included, Power Tool Only)



  •  An air pressure switch on the back of the unit allows you to increase the depth of your nail driving
  •  A headlight permits you to see the job while you’re working in dim conditions. 
  • Low on nails indicator helps prevent against dry firing before you damage your woods
  • Knobs will adjust your depth, and you can flip out the front end to clear nail jams, no extra tools required
  • Just like Milwaukee,  This tool has batteries that are interchangeable with other Ryobi tools. 



  • The battery is not included and must be purchased separately
  • As a rule of thumb, Ryobi tools, although less expensive, just are not built to last.
  • Quality issues, longevity issues.
  • There are several refurbished Ryobi tools on the market which indicates past failures.

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LetsFixItUp #1 choice is the The Milwaukee Battery Powered Framing Nailer 2745-20. This tool is powered by Milwaukee’s long-lasting 20V lithium-ion battery. You don’t have to buy a separate fuel cell to drive nails as its battery does all the heavy lifting for you. The one issue we have, is that you have to buy the tool and the battery separately. The good news is that all Milwaukee tools are of the highest quality and the batteries are all interchangeable. The Milwaukee cordless framing nailer drives nails easily,  without the frequent misfires and jams you will experience when using many other nailers. The inevitable jam happens on occasion, but the tool free stall release clears the jam and resets the driver with ease.  This is the Cordless Framing nailer we recommend for the pro. It will serve you well and for a very long time.

The DeWalt Framing Nailer is the ideal choice for the DIYer.  This kit includes the DeWalt 20V MAX battery and compatible charger, so you do not have to buy them separately like many of the other brands. Adjustment on the pressure for the depth is easy with its tool less depth adjustment knob, allowing you to drive nails flush against the woods surface for a clean finish. Additionally, switching from  bump firing to safer sequential firing is easy by simply pushing a button.

The Ryobi ZRP854 18V Cordless 18Ga. 2 in. Brad Nailer Kit. Out of the 5 Framing nailers reviewed here, Ryobi brings up the rear. It was mainly included just for comparison purposes. LetsFixItUp does not endorse or recommend this tool, and to date has not ever recommended any product that Ryobi manufactures.


JUST TO WRAP THINGS UP, a cordless framing nailer also known as a nail gun or aka,  a nailer, is a powerful wood framing tool utilized to connect  two pieces of wood together. It has multiple uses to include, framing, deck building, sheathing, fencing and more. Your framing hammer and nails are still a must on any jobsite, however, a cordless framing nailer will without a doubt make any framing job easier and more efficient.

In the beginning, framing nailers were all powered by air compressors with cumbersome air hose, not to mention the electrical cords required to run them. In our world today, lugging around an air compressor and all its associated hoses is just to cumbersome, that is why a cordless framing nailer is the right tool for you. Simply put…Ease of use!

Most Cordless framing nailers are powered by a lithium-ion batteries. Some cordless nailer tools are powered by a combination of a battery and a fuel cell. The fuel cell used to power such tools contains either butane or propane. Although more powerful, this combination is not a recommended avenue by LetsFixItUp.

There are many benefits to using a cordless framing nailer. The absence of a hose and a cord means that your movement around the jobsite is not limited. You can climb a ladder to frame a roof and not have to worry about tangling or tripping over the air compressor’s hose. 

In days gone by, an air compressor  was an essential component on every jobsite. But now, with the huge improvements in battery efficiency and power storage capacity, cordless framing nailers are the way to go, as you can now leave your cumbersome air compressor at home.