How to Replace Cabin Air Filters For Your Cars AC and Heat System


How to Install a Car Cabin Air Filter

Most of us are aware that we have an air filter for our vehicles engine. We know that our cars take air in, and in  combination with the fuel it causes our vehicles to run. Quite often, when we get our oil changed, we also have our air filter changed. But did you know that your vehicle also has an air filter for your cars ventilation system to keep the air clean in the cabin or interior where we ride? Quite honestly, until recently I did not know this! It obvious that it is not discussed or mentioned as a course of practice when we get our vehicles worked on. Its true, our vehicle has an air filter that cleans the air coming through our air ducts when we turn on our air conditioning or our cars heater. If you are like me, you would much prefer to breathe clean air. I am certain we all would. So let’s take a few minutes and look at some of the filters that are available on the market today, and then take a look at just how easy they are to replace.

Removal of the Glove Box Compartment

Remove the Glove Box compartment by opening the drawer and then pinching the rear of the compartment together, this frees the pins allowing removal

The cabin air filter in our car will assist in the removal of harmful pollutants, including pollen and dust, from the air we breathe within our vehicles. This filter is often located behind the glovebox, it cleans the air as it moves through the vehicle’s HVAC system. This is the same system for air conditioning as well as our heating system.

As a matter of practice, you should change your cabin air filter ever year or so, consult your vehicles manual for more specific timelines. Most vehicles have easy to access filters so doing it yourself is a breeze, and it can save a ton of money as well!


Release Catch at the Rear of Open Space

The Cabin Air Filter is located in a caged in compartment at the rear of the space. Unlatch the plastic device and lift upward.

As an additional indication that the cabin air filter is in need of replacement could be an musty odor coming from your cars interior vents. A very dirty, clogged and contaminated filter may produce a dusty, dirty, or nasty smell.  It goes without saying that this can make the cabin unhealthy and unpleasant. 

Unlatch – Grab – Remove


Remove the old cabin air filter by simply sliding it out. The dirt, debris and hair are immediately apparent.



Pollution is the most  common  reason to periodically change your cars cabin air filter. This filter is all that protects you from the exterior air of the road and the cleaner interior air of your car cabin, the cabin air filter will block many of the pollutants outside and the dirty emissions produced by other vehicles on the road. With a regular schedule of changing your air filter, you will ensure that these harmful pollutants will not work their way into your car’s cabin and into your lungs!

Additionally, pollutants, dirt and debris are not the only irritants that can find their way into your cars cabin, there are a host of allergens and pollens that can and will get into your cars cabin, air filters will drastically reduce the amount that are circulating in your vehicle cabin. These pollens will certainly get into your vehicle without a good air filter, and over time, dependent on how often you change your filter out, the more pollen and allergens will build up, which could cause more of it to get into your vehicle to potentially make you sick.

I know that in my area, the mountains of Utah, allergies and pollens are a significant issue for many people.  oaks, maple, ragweed, sage, flowers, grasses and any one of a number of things can build up over time in your cars cabin filters. But truly, in any region of the country, or the world for that matter,  it is very important to change your air filter so that you have the peace of mind and the confidence that these pollutants and allergens stay outside and do not get into your vehicles air system.


New Cabin Air Filter vs Old Cabin Air Filter


The old filter I removed compared with the new filter that I will be installing. Notice it has all kinds of dirt and even some dog hair! I feel better knowing that I will be breathing clean air!

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When your vehicle’s cabin air filter gets clogged, your air conditioner will  be working harder to push the flow of cool air through the filter. This causes your air conditioning system to become quite ineffective, your car with not produce good air flow to effectively and efficiently cool you and your cars interior down which can become more then a simple annoyance during those very hot summer months. A clogged filter will reduce the effectiveness of your cars AC. Of course this is not only true for you cars air conditioning, it is also true that your car will not as effectively and efficiently heat up in the cold winter months. Having dirty and clogged air filters will diminish the effectiveness of your cars heating and cooling system. Change your filters regularly.



Simply insert the new air filter into the slots provided in your vehicle. Once inserted close the fence and latch the locking mechanism


Because your air conditioner or heater has to work harder to cool or heat your car’s cabin, your engine has to work harder to power these systems. Surprisingly, having a clogged filter can actually impact your fuel efficiency because your engine is having to put out more energy than it should.

Reinstall the Glovebox Drawer. Simply insert the tabs at the bottom of the drawer into the slots at the bottom of opening. Pinch the rear side of the drawer allowing the pins to fit behind the plastic opening. Once behind the opening the pins easily slide into the slots.


Wrapping Up

Having properly installed the new cabin filters and knowing that the rear pins are in the appropriate slots, fill the drawer or glovebox with the desired contents and close the drawer.


As seen on TV, these PureFlow HEPA Cabin Air Filters are considered among the very best. With 4 filtration levels to trap even the toughest of allergens to include mold! This filter surpasses the others in overall protection for you and your family, that is why selects it as our #1 Best Choice.


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Congratulations, you have successfully installed clean new cabin filters in your vehicle! Now just sit back and breathe easy. In this day and age, with viruses, allergens, dirt, mold and all other sorts of pollutants its reassuring to know that there are things that we can do to help our health and to improve our lives. This is a simple, inexpensive way to help further that effort.


Check out this Video Tutorial on “How To” Change a Cars Cabin Air Filter