How to Clean Tile and Grout

Cleaning the tiles and grout in the kitchen and bathroom is a critical part to overall good smell and a healthy environment. The tiles and grout in your kitchen and bathroom should be thoroughly cleaned on a fairly regular basis, this will ensure that these  rooms will remain sanitary and fresh.

In particular, the  bathroom area has a high degree of moisture and therefore, humidity.  These moist areas are the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of germs and mold. Germs, mold and bacteria can soak up like a sponge, organic matter that is then released in to the air, which resulting in fowl odors and worse, unhealthy breathing and living conditions, which can ultimately lead to sickness.

This type of deep cleaning does not need to occur on a weekly basis, but certainly should be considered at a minimum on a monthly basis. Keeping up on the tile cleaning in your kitchen and bathroom regularly will ensure that these harmful airborne particles will stay away and it will also make for easier cleaning on a more regular basis.

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Cleaning Bathroom and Kitchen Floor Tiles

Let’s Fix It Up offers the following processes to more then adequately clean your tiles and grout. Cleaning the grout and tile thoroughly is one of the most important hygiene items you can do to ensure a healthy living environment within your home.

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Using Vinegar to clean your kitchen tile and grout.

Vinegar is a slightly toxic acid in addition to being a natural cleaning product and has remained very popular down through the years; The toxic acid will make cleaning your tile and grout nearly effortless.

  • Using a vacuum or broom, thoroughly clean the floor to remove all loose debris
  • Utilizing a household size cleaning bucket mix 1 part vinegar to 1 part warm water.
  • My preference is to hand wash the floor surface, however, a mop may be utilized instead
  • Wipe or mop in multiple directions. Rinsing the mop or hand sponge often.
  • When the entire the floor has been washed  with vinegar, fill your bucket with clean water and rinse the entire floor
  • If your floors have stains, mix vinegar with some baking soda to form a paste which can then be applied, let sits for several minutes and then clean up and rinse with fresh water.

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Vinegar to clean tile and grout

Cleaning the Backsplash with Vinegar

  • Using a spray bottle mix one part vinegar with 1 part warm water
  • Mix well with a vigorous shaking of the bottle.
  • Spray the entire surface of the tile with the vinegar and water mixture.
  • Allow the mixture to soak on the tile for approximately 10 minutes. Leave the solution on the tile and grout longer for deeper cleaning on hard to clean areas.
  • Scrub the cleaning solution onto the tile surface, rinse thoroughly with clean water using a cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning with Vinegar Only

  • Cleaning grout on the bathroom floor, simply pour the vinegar at full strength.  After the floor, to include all grouted areas.  allow it to soak for a minimum of 15 minutes. This will ensure that dirt and stains can be removed
  • Scrub the grout with a stiff brush. Scrub it using circular and back and forth patterns.  Scrub it thoroughly to ensure that all debris and stains are removed from the grout.
  • Finally, rinse away the vinegar mixture with clean warm water. This can be accomplished with a mop or by hand.
how to clean bathroom tile with baking soda & vinegar
Adding baking Soda and Vinegar to make a Paste


How To Clean Kitchen / Bathroom Tiles & Grout With Baking Soda

  • A baking soda paste mixing using baking soda and water can be used. in a mixing bowl or similar, combine  equal parts of baking soda and water.  Mix the contents until it’s turned into a paste. The paste should easily adhere to the grout
  • Using a small brush, apply the baking soda paste to the grout. You can use the same brush you’re going to use to scrub the grout later. A toothbrush or sponge may also be substituted for the cleaning brush, however, a stiff scrub brush is ideal.
  • Using vinegar and a warm water mixture, spray or wipe on to the grouted areas. Mix one part water and one part vinegar for your application A spray bottle will allow for an easier application
  • Spray or wipe the solution directly to the grout.
  • Let the baking soda sit for 15 minutes. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will bubble thereby helping to loosen any ground in dirt and staining.
  • Scrub the grout with a stiff  brush, sponge or toothbrush. This should remove the majority of dirt and staining.
  • Complete the process by applying clean water and scrubbing, wiping away the dirty vinegar and baking soda. Use paper towels, sponges, mop or cloths to clean up the residue.
scrubbing grout with baking soda paste
Apply Paste to Tile and Grout, scrub thoroughly


scrub bathroom tile and grout with vinegar and baking soda
Apply Baking Soda and Vinegar Paste to Shower Tile and Grout. Let it soak, then Scrub!

Cleaning Tiles and Grout with Acid

Acid is one of the best and most effective cleaning substances on the market. It is very effective at removing rust, calcium deposits, stains and dirt..

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  • Always ventilate the room well. Utilize a fan and open doors and windows as you can easily be overcome by these chemicals.
  • Use a big bucket, fill the bucket with water, a gallon should enough or you can add or lessen the amount depending on the size of your bathroom.
  • In a plastic container, mix one cup acid solution with warm water. Mix thoroughly.
  • Wear rubber gloves and safety glasses when working with this type of cleaning solution as it is extremely corrosive and can burn your skin and eyes. Work slowly and carefully as not to splash the mixture onto unwanted areas. Using a stiff brush apply the solution over stained areas. Wait several minutes to loosen stain and various debris.
  • Rinse with warm clean water on the tiles to wash off the acid completely. Using a stiff brush, scrub the stains. Following the cleaning process, rinse the tiles with warm water. Repeat the process as necessary to completely remove the acid residue that has been applied to the tile and grout surfaces.
  • Ventilate the room until the toxic acid fumes have dissipated.

Let’s Fix It Up highly recommends using the natural baking soda and vinegar method if at all possible over the more dangerous and toxic acid approach. If your stains, rust and calcium build-up is more then this method can handle then turn to the acid approach. In most cases, baking soda and vinegar with handle the cleaning.